"Helping retailers in Greece increase foot-traffic and enhancing the shopping experience for Chinese tourists.


REDIRECT is a certified marketing partner of Alipay in Greece. Alipay, China’s leading online and mobile payment service, operated by Alibaba Group’s affiliate Ant Financial Services Group, dominates the Chinese digital financial inclusion market, with close to 60 percent market share and over 520 million active Chinese users. 

The payment service has been greatly established in everyday life in China and is used for almost all types of payment, from taxis, to restaurants and clothing.
In Greece, Chinese visitors will be able to use Alipay not only as a means of payment for their purchases, but also as a source of information, about offers, tourist destinations, cultural sites, shops and restaurants.
Our objective is to help businesses discover Alipay's marketing services, as well as to help increase their commercial activity towards Chinese visitors.

Alipay’s Business Development Director for Europe, Yana Geng says about the collaboration:
"We are very pleased with this partnership and confident that by combining REDIRECT’s local market expertise and Alipay’s in-app marketing services, we
will help retailers in Greece increase foot-traffic and enhance the shopping experience for Chinese tourists.”