The Objective

The main objective for Alpha TV was to create a fresh functional website that will include a series of characteristics such as news, program information, videos, tv shows microsites and other related material. 

In detail, the website included the following:

  • Complete newsroom with several major categories (Greece, politics, economy, international, sports, weather)
  • Live streaming of the TV program
  • Video library with all the shows (past and current)
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with detailed information about all shows (with ratings, live streaming features, video archive availability, link to specific microsite, etc.)
  • Microsites for all TV shows (max. no of concurrent microsites: 23). Each microsite included a separate navigation that included features such as newsroom, videos, polls, quizzes, forums, contests, contact forms, customized modules for voting players, game player pages with related info, simple text pages. etc.)
  • Additional information about theaters, contests, events, etc.
  • Offers (similar to groupon.gr offers)

The Answer

The entire website was build on Kentico CMS robust and extensible platform and it was customized to accommodate a series of unique characteristics.

  •  Extensive use of document types for various types of elements presented on the website
  • A wide range of workflows to activate content for different sections of the site. A range of 10-20 editors/seniors editors were involved during various stages of the project and different workflows allowed a seamless activation/approval process for the content. 
  • Integration with Adobe Media Server and Wowza Media Server APIs 
  • Integration with station’s EPG system and presentation of the program in a grid. 
  • Due to the nature of the website and the need for quick development of several microsites for new shows (ex. Πάμε πακέτο, Ελένη, Big Brother, etc) a customized module was developed that offered a wizard-like generation of microsite templates with different look-and-feel but similar functionalities. The editors were able to generate and populate microsites within 24-48 hours since the major functionalities were already implemented within the system. Custom functionalities were developed ad-hoc.
  • Integration with Google DFP advertising platform. The advertising team was able to setup and execute advertising campaigns to different sections of the website based on a set of criteria. The website had installed a series of DFP codes for each section/microsite of the website. On top of the codes, a customized module allowed the definition of completed campaign on multiple sections on top of the sections defined on Google DFP.
  • The data from the CMS (news, videos, articles, etc.) were sent to the mobile application via a series of rss feeds. The feeds were generated in real time and the data displayed on the mobile app had different display criteria. 


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Alpha TV