The Objective 

Introduce the New Garnier Fructis Oil Repair product line to our Facebook audience as well as to their friends and increase sales. (Επανόρθωση τώρα!)

The Answer

The main concept was built around the main benefit of the product line which was 'repair' and bring your damaged hair back to their orginal healthy condition. Based on this, we created a fun and engaging competition on Facebook which invited the users to send small music videclips to their friends saying that they are apologizing for some reason and want to make up again! (Επανόρθωση τώρα!)

We created 5 different fun video clips (friend, boss, girl/boy friend, school mate, parents) with TV persona Mary Synatsaki, where the user could personlize with his/her friend's name and reason of apology. The friend would then receive this personlized video of apology (video επανόρθωσης), and also have a chance to participate in the competition.




Branded Video Clips





The Result

Through this fun process, the main benfit of the product (επανόρθωση) became the main theme for all users, passing the message to a very difficult and competitive hair cair product. The campaign managed to attract more than 20.000 users and spread the message to more than 80,000 users.




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