The Objective

The challenge for this campaign was to build a digital promotion for Silk Cut cigarettes, using online data and without being available to the public via internet (due to law restrictions regarding tobacco advertising.

The Answer

The idea was based on a microsite, which was developed within a USB memory stick that was given individually to visitors in various promotional below-the-line activities. The visitors, after inserting the USB memory stick into their home personal computers, were prompted to declare their age (over 21) and agree to all regulatory data required for tobacco advertising. Once this was done, they were presented with a microsite (connected to the internet) and a simple registration form in order to participate in various contests and games. The microsite was regularly updated twice a month with new games and info and all users were notified via email and sms alerts.
This resulted in an extraordinary marketing tool for Silk Cut as all USB user actions were counted and measured. A few sample metrics were:

  • User registrations (leads)
  • Number of users that inserted the USB
  • Number of users that were engaged in games
  • Number of users that re-inserted the USB

The Result

The campaign reached and engaged Silk Cut's audience in a unique and innovative manner revealing data that was enlightening for this and future campaigns. The USB memory sticks -as they are being used by their owners as a simple storage device- are still registering data about user activities defining this as a strong communication channel with great advertising potential, taking also into consideration that all other advertising media have been banned for all tobacco companies.

When all the stories were concluded, they were printed on a special leaflet and with a cd-rom sent to all registered participants.


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