The Objective 

Create a revolutionary installation

The Answer

After the solar trees and solar flowers, the solar aggregators that combine original design, eco sensitivity and versatility, the Solar Glass by NESCAFÉ® Frappé® is changing the landscape of one of the most visited and frequented Athenian squares, Gazi, in the heart of the capital city. The solar glass bench is energy autonomous as it utilizes solar energy collected by 3 solar panels while operating as a charge area for mobile phones and laptops and as free wifi zone.
As it’s especially designed to accommodate groups of friends around it, the Solar Glass has two seating areas which sits on a screw-shaped base which is handicapped accessible. The three solar panels, giving the impression that 'sit' on three metal straws, are full of... smileys.
With the power of the sun, the Solar Glass is not only charging but brightens the night in the bustling square of Gazi Kerameikos, creating a new site where people meet and connect in real time.
The idea of ​​creating a Solar Glass Bench was of re|direct and was implemented for NESCAFÉ ® Frappé®, upon the design of architect Kalina Ntampiza, under the creative and artistic direction of Publicis Athens and re|direct, in cooperation with Zenith Optimedia, Wizworks and Sign & Design.

Click on the video below to view a demonstration of the installation: