The Objective

The main objective for SportDay was to create a news hub for sport news. The website included popular categories such as football and basketball as well as other less popular (volleyball, athletics, etc.). Also, it included a hide range of columns from a series of journalists and a wide range of subjects.
In detail, the website included the following:

  • News categories
  • Articles (SportDay and sport-fm.gr)
  • Video library
  • Columns
  • Newspaper covers (Daily update)
  • Special sections for special events (World cup, Champion’s League, etc.)

The Answer

Kentico CMS was used for content management and administration. The key elements were the following:
  • Integration with live feeds/comments for each match. 
  • Extensive use of user groups since the entire editorial team could add content. A total of 30 editors could have access to different sections of the site.
  • Due to the complexity of the team check-in/check-out documents was used to ensure that each article was edited by a single editor at any given time.
  • SportDay.gr articles were distributed using a web service to a sister website - sport-fm.gr. 
  • Since the website had a lot of traffic and during peak hours lots of concurrent users, extensive caching on both sides (server and client) was used as well as heavy optimization on queries and database structure. Also, Kentico’s web farm support provided a solid framework for expansion beyond the initial 2-web server setup to a more complex 3-web-server + 2 DB servers after several months in production. 


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