"An innovative, viral campaign that introduced Sony Walkman series."


The Objective
To present and promote Sony Walkman series and it’s new features.

The Answer
Special video shots were taken to show the 4 different features of the new Walkman:

  • The 'capacity' of the device was shown by people touching the human Walkman and shuffling different tracks on each touch.
  • The 'drag and drop' feature was presented by the human Walkman "dragging" people into the scene and swapping the music.
  • The "sound quality" feature was presented by the human Walkman playing a tune "against" a live guitar player who happend to enter the scene, showing the capabilities of the Walkman that match the true live sound.
  • The "battery life" was presented by the human Walkman late at night still playing music and people passing by (returning from their late clubbing) and joining him in small music party!

The 45 hour battery life was also the reason the whole concept was around a bus stop that was full of music for 45 hours. The campaign was not supported by any online campaign and was solely based on word of mouth and email spreads. 

The Result
The campaign's context was unique and stood out in a very strong and competitive music player market. The microsite alone had 2,500 unique visits on launch day and an average time on site by the end of the campaign of more than 4 minutes.